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The CEO of the commsstrategy organisation, David Casey, has extensive experience chairing international conferences for the financial and telecommunications sectors. Many of these events have taken place since 2002 when he started chairing the congresses and conferences of the European Finance Convention, a leading forum for the banking and financial services community of Europe.

Key to that role as event chairman has been David Casey's thirty five years writing about these sectors and interviewing key players for publications across the world.

It means that conference speakers can be interviewed 'live' on stage after their presentations to help ensure that the salient points are explained fully to audiences whose natural language may not be English, or the languages covered by the events' simultaneous translations.

As an illustration of the scope of this chairmanship, David Casey has led events in locations which include . .

  Belgrade [2] Guangzhou (China) Palermo  
  Brussels [2] Las Vegas Tiblisi (Georgia)  
  Bucharest London [10] Vienna [5]  
  Budapest Oulu (Finland) Warsaw