Getting the message across to customers

We will deliver powerful marketing solutions
Corporate brochures
With our publishing and editorial skills, we can design and produce corporate brochures more cost-effectively than would otherwise be possible. We bring an in-depth knowledge of the subject and the ability to describe even mundane products and services in an interesting way.
Transliteration of brochures and web sites
With English accepted as the universal language of business, it is essential that you communicate through literature and web content which has been captured accurately in elegant English - whatever language is normally used by your organisation.
Corporate magazines
Though inundated with printed and web-based material, your clients will take the time to read newsletters and magazines which are well designed, well written and full of information which is worth retaining. We have the skills to achieve that result cost-effectively.
Product and training manuals
Manuals can be effective without being dreadfully dull and difficult to follow. We draw on skills in the training and education sectors to produce manuals and guide books which readers find a pleasure to use. Now, that really is something different!
Web content
As a window on your operations, your web site must fully reflect the values and professional qualities to which your organisation aspires. We present your business in a clear and straightforward manner without resorting to complex graphical formats and long download times.
Press releases and white papers
As publishers, we see too many releases which are badly written, with factual errors, poor grammar and spelling mistakes, and containing a string of superlatives. We can take your draft releases and white papers, and give them the quality which editors want to read and publish.
Having researched and written about your organisation, we have the ability to design and produce attractive presentation material for use in seminars, lectures and client sessions, yet which avoids completely the ‘death by PowerPoint’ syndrome.
Seminars are a highly effective method of explaining your business case to a targeted audience. We handle these events from concept to implementation, ensuring that you have expert speakers who are well briefed and secure the on-going interest of those attending.